Friday, May 1, 2009


Well here, we are, another beautiful? day in California. It's raining here in Ventura County and we just had a SWEET Earthquake. USGS reports 4.4 out of Westlake. I wonder how much Vin will talk about it...let's find out shall we?

"Clay, you gotta do something about your beard. It looks like you're wearing a baby bonnet and the beard is the ribbon holding it on." -Mother Miller

This section is reserved for Jake Peavy commentary. First entry....
Fuck that dude.


This is going to be a very boring game...

Yes. This game is boring as hell...

If Matt Kemp keeps this up someone might give him a gold glove.

Back to the boredom...

Yea, screw this game. I'm gonna fall asleep eventually so I might as well just go.


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