Sunday, August 9, 2009


I totally didn't come back to blog.



I have been thinking about the Dodgers and how, umm, awful they have been lately. It has been difficult to watch, for all of us and each day our rivals gain on us. The Yankees now have the best record in baseball, an honor LA had carried since the 10th game of the season. Our hitters are slumping. It's a fact. Manny has been slumping until as recently as the last couple of days. Aside from the slap fest with the Braves where they scored more runs in Dodger stadium than ever the last few weeks have been exhausting.

They were winning every series. 2/3 at least, every series. Then there was the All Star Break.

The dreaded All Star break.

The Dodger curse of the All Star break. It happened to Russell last season. Went to the All Star game and came back and hit .200. This year it seems apparent this phenomenon is affecting the Dodgers. Something about this time of the season just kills their drive. We should expect more dark times ahead but not for long. We have a major opportunity to take control of this division and solidify our spot at the two time NL west champions. Going to San Francisco and taking a series is VERY IMPORTANT. Not only for CA bragging rights but for our position in first place. It is going to be a very exciting September. We just gotta deal with stupid august.

They need to rest.

They need to relax and play ball. Enjoy it. Smile.




Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ok, let's get back into this thing.

I used to write for every game and that is a hard thing to keep consistent. I am sorry though, that I haven't been writing during such news worthy times. Manny's slumping return, Manny's pharmaceutical history, the trades or lack thereof, Joe Torre's amazing managing, Manny's Grand Slam, Steve Lyons's hair, Charlie Steiner's boozing on the mic, Kemp's gold glove, Ethier's 22, Broxton's 100, Prince Fielder, etc

No excuses, no need to know why life kept me away but the dog is out of the crate and it's time for Dodger baseball!

Tonight. We blog.

To hold you over....

a picture of the top of Vin Scully's head.