Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tim Lincecum

Damn you.

If you didn't notice he throws a lot like Sandy Koufax.

I guess it figures that a Giant has to mimic a Dodger in order to be any good.

We'll get em next time. Good night.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


What a 9th. Just when you think things miiiiight not go our way Manny, Ethier and Kemp step up to the plate, literally, and deliver like we all know they can. Talk about excitement.

Reminds me of the scene in Major League when Ms. Phelps says after a towering home run, "That 'otta shut these people up."

I like to say that....especially against the Giants.

In the words of my good friend, Dadams..."This game is crazy."

I agree, Dadams.

GREAT. I love beating the Giants. What Dodger fan doesn't?

Well another W, still in 1st place and tomorrow we pick up another. I must say though, I am looking forward to watching Lincecum pitch. Kid throws like Sandy Koufax, in that his body rotates over his hips and he whips the ball. I just hope he doesn't throw as well as Sandy but it will still be cool to watch him. It will be even cooler when we beat his ass.
Well it's been a busy few days for me but I did find time to watch Bluetopia: The Los Angeles Dodgers Movie.

So it's time for a review...

It's fun. I wish there were more player interactions and interviews but over all it was fun. It has touching moments and without giving any spoilers is a must watch for Dodger fans who like touching moments and happy people.

They cover life long fans, season ticket holders, peoples' first games and a dude who runs a REALLY cool tattoo shop. I think the fun of the movie is to watch a season I watched all 162 games of from behind the scenes. I just wish the interview with Russell Matrtin was longer, available in bonus features, and wanted more from the clubhouse. So indeed, it is a MUST WATCH for Dodger fans and something you will enjoy year after year.

In other news the bases are juiced for Loney...back to the game...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Away day

For me. Not really around to blog but wanted to point out the fact that as of today there is a Dodger in the top five in every statistical category in the national league.

See it here at

Friday, April 24, 2009

Kuo is a double agent.

Yet again, a game starts with two on and Manny. RBI? Yes. It has happened again!

To be perfectly honest I didn't watch this game as closely as the others. I had to catch up on The Office, Fringe and Southland, all shows which kick major ass.

Anyway, this game started to look like I might have to post a picture of a Christmas tree with Slults face on in but luckily I can save him the insult. Overall this is one of those run of the mill normal ball games. Fair pitching, fair hitting, a few decent plays and a couple moments where you clap really loud and say, "ALRIGHT!"

That said, I am keeping it short tonight and may or not be blogging the weekend games as I will be out of town. I will have my laptop with me though so maybe you all will get lucky and I will do some Dodger bloggin.

ALSO, I got a copy of Bluetopia: The LA Dodgers Movie. Review coming soon....

I spoke too soon. Bot 8th and we have Kuo pitching. SWELL.

Well let's watch the train wreck....

HAHAHA, I love the look Manny gives Kemp as he goes running by as if to say, "WTF are you doing here?" That shit will be on blooper reels tomorrow.

Fire Kuo. Dude's worthless.

Done blogging, fuck Kuo. No more chances. That guy is terrible.

Good night everybody. Even if we win this one Kuo has ruined my night. Serving cheeseburgers.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Come on, Blue!!!!! Blue being that first base umpire.

How many games have started this way so far? Furcal gets on, O-Dog gets on and Manny brings in an RBI....I looked and it seems the don't keep stats online for something like this. I'll hit Vin on his T-Mobile and see what he says...

Psh. Said he couldn't help me cuz he's with his 50 grand kids. Whatever, Vin. I know you know the answer...

3-0, Chad Billingsley is off to a great start this season with a 2.84 ERA. These are the sort of stats you want your starters to ALL have and I am realy excited to watch this kid. Additionally, he just k'd Lance Berkman, a fellow who has struck out 14 times this season. No make that 15. hehehe

How emberrassing would it have been had that pop up landed in front of Bills and Martin?
Just wanna take a second to link my reader to the new Eric Collins/Steve Lyons Dodger blog, although today's game seems to only be on This is their blog.

LOL, the announcer just repeated something I said in a previous blog and that is that Billingsley has a giant ass. He called it a fanny! LOL

WOoooooooow, what a play by Hudson. He just snagged that thing and turned a gorgeous double play.

Yea. I said gorgeous like it was a super model...

Real quick, I really need Russell Martin to be the Russell Martin of 2007. He must be hanging out with Andrew Bynum or something.

OH! Matt Kemp makes another stellar play and it makes me think of something. When he first broke out he was FAST on the base paths. He would hit grounders and almost beat them out but had trouble getting to fly balls. I think it is better for him to not run AFAP (as fast as possible) on grounders that will no doubt end in an out and save his legs for getting to difficult fly balls. What is more important? A single or getting outs? I think in this case, getting outs and that is exactly what he has been doing. Saving his legs on grounders for those plays in the out field. Great play.

Who the F is Lauren Conrad?

If you were curious, the hill in Minute Maid park was added on a whim by owner Tal Smith and acts as a warning track. Some warning. Nothing like "Look out for the wall" being expressed as a twisted ankle. Brilliant.

WOW, its about time Russel hosed someone at second. Over the head of the batter no less. One word for that....


See my last blog. The defense from tonight is the defense I wanted last night. So perhapds they took their heads out of their asses? I like to think so. Good job.

BOOOOOO AWFUL CALL. Manny had that beat!!!!! That was the worst call I have seen yet this season. Awful call. Awful. If I was there I would be standing up yelling, "COME ON, BLUE!!!"

Thank Lasorda they didn't bring in Kuo. Dude hasn't had a decent start all season. Bills pitched a hell of a game so it is vital that we keep this game alive and keep the Astros down. No sweeps, all season. That's what I want. No sweeps and you can win the title.

Manny being Manny. Bets on what he went into the outfield wall to do? Probably needs to take a piss but maybe they have brownies back there.

Strategy. Let Blake make the third out. I would rather Broxton come in now without having had to swing the bat and run the bases. Now he will have the energy to smoke some fools.

Bot 9. Where legends are made.

Mine and my dad's reaction to Berkman coming to bat..."Oh great." Dude is a hitter and I dislike him very much. Broxton. You are awesome.

Who the hell are the jackasses dressed like dogs in the outfield? To use foreign language..."Wankers."

Shut your mouth and sit down, Lee. Douche.

What the hell is that? Someone give Jeff Blum an Oscar. Dude's got the slowest reactions ever. Someone check his reflexes he might have neurological problems.

These umpires are really awful today. Suckers.

Here we go....

I am proud of the defense in this game. Great plays for the most part and they kept the ball in playable positions. The offense did some decent hitting which is always good but we HAVE to produce more runs per game. We are fortunate Billingsley pitched so well because other wise this would definately be a different game. Got a little tight toward the end but Broxton settled down and managed to finish it off. Good for them, now we move on to Colorado for a friggin sweep.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I guess A Martinez was right

The Dodgers can't beat anyone but NL West pitching.

I don't even know what to say. How do you go deep four times in a game and NOT win?



Still sick. Medicine started today. Dodgers tomorrow and it WILL be a win. I am being optimistic.

For real though.

Defense needs to wake the hell up

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Who knew the dude from Mythbusters is the Astros' trainer?

Nice start. I'm being sarcastic. Looks like somebody can't find the strike zone.

This is good though. You walk two batters and HAVE to throw strikes at Manny and he is bound to hit the ball. Oh, look at that he did. RBI. He just hits the ball. It's what he does. Now Andre, player of the week, will likely hammer a strike, if Ortiz doesn't walk him...

I don't blame hitters for not swinging on 3-0, especially when they guy has thrown about 5 strikes total. LOL, smoooooooth, Berkman. Goof.

*break for drum lesson* I teach.

Came back to the game and it's 3-6. Ouch. Looks like Kershaw can't pitch from a stretch. He does great when he gets to pitch from a wind up but once someone gets on base he gets into major trouble. Gonna have to work on that.

The little league Dodgers I watched were stealing bases, turning double plays and hitting the ball like crazy....take a lesson, real Dodgers.
This is what baseball is all about. Top 9, down by 3, bases juiced, one out annnnnnd he swings at that awful pitch. Now its up to Russell.....


Ah man that was a nasty pitch.

Here's the deal. Kershaw needs to work his stretch. Once guys get on base he just can't pitch out of it. Last week, he dominated and didn't give up a thing, but once someone gets on base he completely loses it. Has happened time and again.

Good night folks. A little disappointed....

Sunday, April 19, 2009

One thing I didn't know...

Is that they keep score during batting practice. Whoda thunk it?

What a blow out, my only concern is that our 5 starter can't go more than 5 innings? Unacceptable even in a blowout. Dude needs to get it together.


I love this man.

Too nice a day to be blogging. Hope you had a great weekend and an even better week to come.


Saturday, April 18, 2009


Top 3, 2 out, Helton batting, fouls one down the first base line and Andre gives chase into the stands. NOT ONE fan stood up to let Andre know he had room. I am so mad at those fans.
How clueless can you be?
Those idiots should be banned from those seats. These are the same tools who snag fly balls out of the glove of the outfielder.


Friday, April 17, 2009

*cough cough* *SNIFFLE*

Still sick so this will be brief.

Just wanted to voice how proud I am of our starters and their ability to pitch gems and not pick up wins. You guys deserve wins, sorry the hitters couldn't get them for you. Yes, I get that we end up winning the game and all but starters need to show something for their 13 strike outs in a game and their stellar stuff. This is the fourth game in a row our pitchers have been sharp and I am proud of them. Let's stay healthy and sharp.

On the other hand, a little upset with Kuo's pitching. The other night he blew the lead for Clayton Kershaw. Luckily, Bellisario kept them at bay and the hitters got them back in the game but this is unacceptable pitching for a set up man. Set up guys should never give up runs yet this dude walks the bases loaded in two games and gives up hits left and right. So, Kuo, get your shit together. We can get a good set up guy for Kuo and a prospect, keep that in mind. Broxton is a beast. Nuff said.

Anyway, off to bed. Game isn't over but I am exhausted so i'm gonna doze off while it finishes up. See y'all tomorrow for another beaufitul day.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I love when they do this.

I am sick of these sissy pitchers throwing Manny nothing. If you're gonna walk him, walk him but don't pretend like you didn't mean to walk him because it is obvious you did. I'm talking to you Matt Cain!

How do you load the bases and get ONE RUN? Come on, guys.

Hudson is a hero, yo. THIS is how it should go, everytime with those two. On base, on base, Manny. That is how you win games. Well, when Manny gets hits, I should say, which is a lot of the time, just not this game. Hmph.

Oh here we go. The ice skating story again. Once a year is right, Vin. Still love ya. See the moral of story? No? Well then I guess you'll have to try again next year...

Is it just me or do a number of Giants players just look like jerks? I dunno, they just have that look.

I have to give it to Aurilia. When a catch is made like that the umpire needs to make an obvious call and Aurilia was even looking to the umps for a call. Oh well. Sucks for him. I'll do the same thing if it happens to a Dodger but with more harsh language and a little more obsession.

Here's your topic of discussion regarding the Dodgers on ESPN tonight and tomorrow...Kershaw's 13 Ks. Heck this might make sportscenter highlights. A 21 year old kid Ks 13, right after a 25 year old kid Ks 11 AND a hitter goes for the cycle....Dodgers are relevant and they will be all season and I just love it.

Seriously? Aaron "Poop Stance" Rowand hits a 3 run bomb just like that? WTF?

I really thought Loney pissed all over that one. I thought it was long gone but I guess I was wrong., Still. It had that 2004 NL west championship vibe to it, the high heat gets turned on by a lefty. It wasn't Garvey though and it wasn't the 9th and there isn't a penant on the line. Anyway. I thought it looked good.

I hope this Mienkewitz guy comes through as a pinch-hitter. I was starting to feel like we had another Mark Sweeney on our hands. Don't get me wrong, the guy helped clubhouse morale immensly but he didn't do us many favors as a pinch-hitter. I am glad this dude came through. Gives me some trust in our bench.

Is it just me or does Howry look like Robert Patrick in Terminator 2?

A hell of a game. Going a strong 7 and 13ks from Kershaw, losing our lead, coming back, shutting down their offense, then coming back with good hits. I am a big fan of hits. I don't care about homeruns. Homeruns are bonus features. Hits win ball games. You put 10 singles out there you've won a ball game. Add kids who strike out ten plus and you've got a championship team. Ok, folks. No outs, bases loaded, bot 9. The game must end now. Russell....go...

Ok, let's give Loney a shot. If anyone can finish this game, it's James. He's a helluva a hitter...LOL
He walks in the winning run. Thanks, Brian.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Orlando Hudson wins the Tour de Chavez Ravine.

Too bad I was working. Still, with radio at my side I was right there with ya. Lovely anthem, cool idea having the team come out of the stands and announcing Manny was just the right thing to do. Vin throwing the first pitch was a nice touch too. 60 years of that dude's badass suits, can you believe it? He must have started broadcasting when he was an infant.

Now we see the Dodgers, performing as they should. Kemp hitting in 8 straight, manny being manny and getting walked left and right, Ethier going deep, what more could you ask for? How about another solid 5 innings from Bills? I think it can be done.

Randy Johnson looked good today.....

I think you know where I am goin with this...

I think today is the perfect day for Manny to hit his first bomb. I mean, when your second baseman is your power hitter, you've got problems. Just look how we did with Kent and without Manny, Kent was our supposed power hitter. So, it would be nice, but it isn't critical when we are hitting the ball like we are today.

Billingsley looks sharp. This kid sure has a future and I hope most of it is with Los Angeles. I mostly jusyt don't want to have to face him in the future. Ex Dodgers are notorious for fucking up the Dodgers. I can't have that with Chad.

I named my dog Dodger. I wonder how many other Dodger fans did the same. Probably a shit load...

This is a blow out and an amazing one. This is the team I want to root for and watch this season. Orlando Hudson came out BIG today for the home crowd. Dodger fans are going to LOVE Orlando Hudson and he really did it the right way today. Show off big. Make a statement. Own the crowd. I love it. Ethier going deep two times is what should happen all the time. This guy has been playing ball for his entire life, there is no way he can't become one of the best baseball players of our generation. Here we go, Dodgers.

Here we go.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

Not sure if I'll catch the game. It's my uncle's birthday so the family is getting together and I may or may not have access to the game.

Instead, I give you this video...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Blowouts always lower my blood pressure

Stults decent stuff. When no runs score I suppose its safe to call it decent stuff.

Orlando Hudson, solo homerun top 4. Walks are good. I like when little guys hit bombs. It gives them some trash to talk to the guys who are supposed to hit bombs. I like to think the trash talk is motivating.

Here is why I love baseball. Loney got walked, two on. I left the room, came back, man on second two runs in. I can deduce that the no. 5 hitter, R.J. Martin, hit a double and scored two runs. Maybe later I'll check the box score to make sure but I am pretty sure that's what happened. Man, I love baseball.

LOL, Kemp strikes out on the same pitches every time. Down and away. Just like last season. Down and away. You'd think they would mention it to him, "hey kid, lay off the down and away..."

(Insert 2 hours for dinner at Buca di Beppo)

My goodness I feel massive. Like John Kruk on a bender.

Well I would write more but this game was what we should expect from this team. Lots of runs and great pitching. On paper, this is what we should be doing, the real world however throws bigger breaking balls than Clayton Kershaw. Let's just hope they can all play to their best potential and correct mistakes quickly. If they can do that we can get to 95 wins, easily. If not, better hope for 85. But what do I know? I'm just a fan...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Best news ever!

Dodger Stadium lowers beer prices TWO dollars.

Full story.

Dodgers wake up late, can't avenge pitchers.

I am willing to sacrifice a loss to get McDonald some much needed experience on the mound. Let him give up ten runs and see if it doesn't fix some things. Now, he just sees failure as being solved by relief. No. Get better. You only get better by screwing up. Mistakes breed improvements the shitty part is that these things are happening during the season. Oh well, better game 5 of the season than in a few months.

Good thing Hudson has a pair, else this would be a 1-6 game. Oh wait, it is a 1-6 game.

Casey Blake. 2 hits all season both homeruns. Is that a good stat or a bad stat? I can't tell. Also, the plays that separate the gold gloves and all stars and champions from average ball players are the plays that Blake totally failed. Sharp hit, quick grab, throw from knees plays are the perfect test for whether a player is average or not. Same with diving catches, 1st base stretches and bunts. Blake, while being impressive twice, needs to produce more or I might have Joe Torre (we are very tight) send Russ to third.

Ok this is bad. Pitchers are getting lit up like a zippo. I can only stand to see the bases loaded a couple times a game. This shit is ridiculous.

Ok, last chance, LA. 9th inning, down by 5. I know it isn't really your thing but let's make a come back, shall we?

Kemp strikes out. Not surprised but he has been hitting the ball pretty well. I think the whole VISION thing helps a little. Blake watches a nasty cutter for strike three. Ouch. Ausmus earning his backup spot. Atta boy. I am just doing play by play until the end of the game, then I will go get in n out so really I am just killing time here. Loretta takes Nomar's number. Did he retire? Does he have a job right now? Hmmm. Yes. Oakland. Oakland ended up with some serious ball players this season. Watch out Anaheim. Loretta grounds out. AZ wins. Farts...

Overall it was a pretty weak performance. All the pitchers got worked, defense was not as sharp as one would hope. I don't really blame the hitters cuz we put up 4 runs. That is enough when you have strong pitching and defense. Just like last season it seems starting pitching is a little bit of an issue for the kids. It's early but issues have to be addressed and corrected right away for the season to be anywhere near successful.

Kuroda off tomorrow. Great. What better way to start the season than with what could easily turn into a long term injury. Remember last season when Furcal first started feeling back pain? At first it was expected he would play the next day, then it was three days, then a week, then two weeks, then the whole damn season. So when they say its no big deal I take it with a grain of salt. That dude will be out for awhile and I am not a huge fan or Stultz but what do I know? I'm just a fan.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Well i'll be honest...

I didn't watch the game today. I have company visiting so I am behaving like a good host who pays attention to his guests and takes them places. Although, so far, all we've done was eat in n out, sleep, eat delicious breakfast and sleep some more. Anyway, missing games is acceptable with this fancy new tv system we got. FIOS, has baseball on demand, so if I miss a game, no biggie.

Currently watching the replay, unimpressed by Clayton's stuff. This kid still can't seem to get consistent control of his curve ball and needs a stronger changeup. You can't survive in the majors these days with two pitches.

I think its good for the relief to get a little lit up in a game. This gives them an opportunity to watch some video on what they did wrong against a crappy team. This way, when they come up against a stronger hitting team they will have had a chance to correct mistakes so they don't get Hiroshima'd by the offense.

New game tomorrow, heading to AZ. I guess they will miss Brandon Webb....well, I can't say they'll miss him....

Til then, cheers, folks.


Thanks to beto duran @duranla for updates, driver of vehicle was under the influence and driving with suspended license.

In CA drunk driving deaths are charged as felonies so this guy, Andrew Gallo, 22, will be facing three murder charges. He is lucky we don't enforce capital punishment...

Set rivalries aside, folks

Its a sad day in baseball, and a sad day in general for not only fans of MLB but the family of Nick Adenhart as well as the entire staff at the Anaheim Angels.

Full story.

In short it was a hit n run in Fullerton and two others will killed along with Adenhart.

Days like today, we, baseball fans, should set aside the rivalries and just enjoy the game, for the sake of every kid who dreamt of being a ball player and especially for this kid.

A sad day, but let's enjoy the day, for Nick's memory.

Cheers, folks.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Who needs Monet when you have Mann-et?

Yes, Charlie said that. Embarrassing, to hear them say shit like that but i'll live.

Missed a good part of the game due to traveling to the airport but was tuned in the whole way there. Unfortunately the only station I could get clear reception on was the San Diego broadcast, so no Charlie and Rick. Oh well.


I was particularly excited, driving down PCH listening to the call when Manny nearly went yard with rabbits on base. Must have been really exciting to watch.

Anyway, 2-1 record, go blue, more to come. Now, I am gonna spend some time with my special lady friend, visiting from outta town. Yay.

(Final score)

Way to start a game. Double, sac, sac, run. Everyday, all day long. Hudson and Furcal are gonna score more runs than anyone in the NL...

If you were wondering, Russell Martin has J. Martin on his jersey as a tribute to one of his several names, which came from his mother. Russell's full name... Russell Nathan Jeanson Coltrane Martin, Jr. lol Canadians...

It seems almost comedic that San Diego could beat the Dodgers. Such a mediocre team compared to the LA lineup. /shrug

Here we have Chad Billingsley. This kid....all ass. Any speed on his fastball is strictly because of the junk in his trunk. You ask, "Why are you looking at his ass?!" Because it cannot be missed. Vin calls him "Thick through the hips." I know what that means...

LOL David Eckstein. Vin called him a little guy. HAHAHA

So if you watch Fringe...Did you just see the observer strike out for the Padres?! hahahahahaha

Did Vin ACTUALLY just talk about Headley Lamar? Wow. You go Vin. I'd imagine watching a movie with Vin is just like a ball game but instead of talking about movies he would talk about ball players. Anyway...

Heading to the airport so I will post a post-game blog, depending on what I do tonight. Enjoy the game, folks!


So UN-baseball.

Go dodgers.

Nice start Raffy!!!

Lookin good vin, a little too modern though

I prefer when Vin wears suits reminiscent of those seen in the 70s and earlier. The sort of fabric that itches you just looking at it, a striped pastel rainbow or a dark...brown. I tried to think of a creative synonym for brown but let's face it, those ugly ass 70s suits are BROWN.

Well, he looks sharp...let's get this game underway...

See you on the other side.


I think at the beginning of each game we will discuss Vin's fancy wool suits. I can only imagine the closet those things come out of.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Baseball, dude. Baseball.

That is what you say when someone is trying to get your attention but it's bot 6, two on, two out, two on and a 3-2 count to Manny. Seriously, bro...


The mathematically perfect game. Every pitch accounted for, every play every hit, every move. Outs, steals, balls, strikes, its all there. At every pitch there are a limited but numerous series of events that can occur. As things happen, those options become reduced until you get to that moment in the game where you can either win, or not win. It can all sit on one pitch, the whole game....unless it's fouled off, then the suspense starts yet again! That is a special kind of suspense and I absolutely LOVE it. I long for it in the off season. I swear I get depressed when it isn't baseball season. I don't really give a shit about other sports so the off-season can be very emotionally difficult.

I have a good feeling about my team, the Los Angeles Dodgers. As a side, Giants suck, Angels suck, Padres suck, Dbacks suck, Rockies suck. Now I have that off my chest, i'll leave the shit talking to more than a Peter Griffin impression (I tried finding the clip on youtube, its when Peter is in the bar when the new yorkers come to Quahog and Lois learns to fight so he starts picking fights and says, "Jets suck, Yankees suck, Knicks suck..."




That's a team I can get behind, really, folks. There don't appear to be any real problems with this line up, on paper. In real life we come across all sorts of problems. I worry about the health of Furcal, Hudson and Wolf. I am concerned about the lack of experience from McDonald and Kershaw. The veterans are great. Ramirez makes people better by osmosis, Blake's beard is runmored to be the nephew beard of Chuck Norris, Martin is practically retired with how much he has matured since his first season. I love the young guys, I want them to recognize the potential they have to get a Championship if they work at it. Giving up on the team after two or three seasons just seems silly, but what do I know? I'm just a fan. Ethier could be a hall of famer. Just sayin...Matt Kemp is my guy.* I just wish he refined his baserunning. He is fast as all hell and I want to see him move. Really though, I wanna see him rounding 3rd in a playoff game for a game deciding play at the plate against some poor catcher with the confidence to block the plate. I know....I am american, violence is cool. :-/

And once again, and I don't know for how long I will be able to say this, I look forward to another season of Vin Scully. We are fortunate, as Dodger fans, to be one of the few ML teams with the same caller as we have had for, well, forever...It really means something special to me, to hear the same voice I have since I was a kid. Some folks don't get that about baseball. That it is more than guys on a field, it's entire lifetimes spent with a specific memory. Voices, names, numbers, stats, home runs, stolen bases, suspense, hot dogs, beers, friends, competition, victory. It's those memories and associated feelings that make us who we are. That's why I watch every game. That's why I named my dog, Dodger . Yep, some folks don't get that.

I get it.

Dude. Baseball.

*the individual members of my family each choose a "guy" to root for especially and claim property of in instances of good play. My dad's "Guy" is Russ Martin. Mine is Matt Kemp. My brother, James Loney. Mother Clayton Kershaw. My GUY just struck out, so now my dad will probably find a way to roast me on how its my fault somehow.