Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ok, let's get back into this thing.

I used to write for every game and that is a hard thing to keep consistent. I am sorry though, that I haven't been writing during such news worthy times. Manny's slumping return, Manny's pharmaceutical history, the trades or lack thereof, Joe Torre's amazing managing, Manny's Grand Slam, Steve Lyons's hair, Charlie Steiner's boozing on the mic, Kemp's gold glove, Ethier's 22, Broxton's 100, Prince Fielder, etc

No excuses, no need to know why life kept me away but the dog is out of the crate and it's time for Dodger baseball!

Tonight. We blog.

To hold you over....

a picture of the top of Vin Scully's head.

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