Thursday, April 23, 2009

Come on, Blue!!!!! Blue being that first base umpire.

How many games have started this way so far? Furcal gets on, O-Dog gets on and Manny brings in an RBI....I looked and it seems the don't keep stats online for something like this. I'll hit Vin on his T-Mobile and see what he says...

Psh. Said he couldn't help me cuz he's with his 50 grand kids. Whatever, Vin. I know you know the answer...

3-0, Chad Billingsley is off to a great start this season with a 2.84 ERA. These are the sort of stats you want your starters to ALL have and I am realy excited to watch this kid. Additionally, he just k'd Lance Berkman, a fellow who has struck out 14 times this season. No make that 15. hehehe

How emberrassing would it have been had that pop up landed in front of Bills and Martin?
Just wanna take a second to link my reader to the new Eric Collins/Steve Lyons Dodger blog, although today's game seems to only be on This is their blog.

LOL, the announcer just repeated something I said in a previous blog and that is that Billingsley has a giant ass. He called it a fanny! LOL

WOoooooooow, what a play by Hudson. He just snagged that thing and turned a gorgeous double play.

Yea. I said gorgeous like it was a super model...

Real quick, I really need Russell Martin to be the Russell Martin of 2007. He must be hanging out with Andrew Bynum or something.

OH! Matt Kemp makes another stellar play and it makes me think of something. When he first broke out he was FAST on the base paths. He would hit grounders and almost beat them out but had trouble getting to fly balls. I think it is better for him to not run AFAP (as fast as possible) on grounders that will no doubt end in an out and save his legs for getting to difficult fly balls. What is more important? A single or getting outs? I think in this case, getting outs and that is exactly what he has been doing. Saving his legs on grounders for those plays in the out field. Great play.

Who the F is Lauren Conrad?

If you were curious, the hill in Minute Maid park was added on a whim by owner Tal Smith and acts as a warning track. Some warning. Nothing like "Look out for the wall" being expressed as a twisted ankle. Brilliant.

WOW, its about time Russel hosed someone at second. Over the head of the batter no less. One word for that....


See my last blog. The defense from tonight is the defense I wanted last night. So perhapds they took their heads out of their asses? I like to think so. Good job.

BOOOOOO AWFUL CALL. Manny had that beat!!!!! That was the worst call I have seen yet this season. Awful call. Awful. If I was there I would be standing up yelling, "COME ON, BLUE!!!"

Thank Lasorda they didn't bring in Kuo. Dude hasn't had a decent start all season. Bills pitched a hell of a game so it is vital that we keep this game alive and keep the Astros down. No sweeps, all season. That's what I want. No sweeps and you can win the title.

Manny being Manny. Bets on what he went into the outfield wall to do? Probably needs to take a piss but maybe they have brownies back there.

Strategy. Let Blake make the third out. I would rather Broxton come in now without having had to swing the bat and run the bases. Now he will have the energy to smoke some fools.

Bot 9. Where legends are made.

Mine and my dad's reaction to Berkman coming to bat..."Oh great." Dude is a hitter and I dislike him very much. Broxton. You are awesome.

Who the hell are the jackasses dressed like dogs in the outfield? To use foreign language..."Wankers."

Shut your mouth and sit down, Lee. Douche.

What the hell is that? Someone give Jeff Blum an Oscar. Dude's got the slowest reactions ever. Someone check his reflexes he might have neurological problems.

These umpires are really awful today. Suckers.

Here we go....

I am proud of the defense in this game. Great plays for the most part and they kept the ball in playable positions. The offense did some decent hitting which is always good but we HAVE to produce more runs per game. We are fortunate Billingsley pitched so well because other wise this would definately be a different game. Got a little tight toward the end but Broxton settled down and managed to finish it off. Good for them, now we move on to Colorado for a friggin sweep.

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