Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I love when they do this.

I am sick of these sissy pitchers throwing Manny nothing. If you're gonna walk him, walk him but don't pretend like you didn't mean to walk him because it is obvious you did. I'm talking to you Matt Cain!

How do you load the bases and get ONE RUN? Come on, guys.

Hudson is a hero, yo. THIS is how it should go, everytime with those two. On base, on base, Manny. That is how you win games. Well, when Manny gets hits, I should say, which is a lot of the time, just not this game. Hmph.

Oh here we go. The ice skating story again. Once a year is right, Vin. Still love ya. See the moral of story? No? Well then I guess you'll have to try again next year...

Is it just me or do a number of Giants players just look like jerks? I dunno, they just have that look.

I have to give it to Aurilia. When a catch is made like that the umpire needs to make an obvious call and Aurilia was even looking to the umps for a call. Oh well. Sucks for him. I'll do the same thing if it happens to a Dodger but with more harsh language and a little more obsession.

Here's your topic of discussion regarding the Dodgers on ESPN tonight and tomorrow...Kershaw's 13 Ks. Heck this might make sportscenter highlights. A 21 year old kid Ks 13, right after a 25 year old kid Ks 11 AND a hitter goes for the cycle....Dodgers are relevant and they will be all season and I just love it.

Seriously? Aaron "Poop Stance" Rowand hits a 3 run bomb just like that? WTF?

I really thought Loney pissed all over that one. I thought it was long gone but I guess I was wrong., Still. It had that 2004 NL west championship vibe to it, the high heat gets turned on by a lefty. It wasn't Garvey though and it wasn't the 9th and there isn't a penant on the line. Anyway. I thought it looked good.

I hope this Mienkewitz guy comes through as a pinch-hitter. I was starting to feel like we had another Mark Sweeney on our hands. Don't get me wrong, the guy helped clubhouse morale immensly but he didn't do us many favors as a pinch-hitter. I am glad this dude came through. Gives me some trust in our bench.

Is it just me or does Howry look like Robert Patrick in Terminator 2?

A hell of a game. Going a strong 7 and 13ks from Kershaw, losing our lead, coming back, shutting down their offense, then coming back with good hits. I am a big fan of hits. I don't care about homeruns. Homeruns are bonus features. Hits win ball games. You put 10 singles out there you've won a ball game. Add kids who strike out ten plus and you've got a championship team. Ok, folks. No outs, bases loaded, bot 9. The game must end now. Russell....go...

Ok, let's give Loney a shot. If anyone can finish this game, it's James. He's a helluva a hitter...LOL
He walks in the winning run. Thanks, Brian.


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