Friday, April 10, 2009

Dodgers wake up late, can't avenge pitchers.

I am willing to sacrifice a loss to get McDonald some much needed experience on the mound. Let him give up ten runs and see if it doesn't fix some things. Now, he just sees failure as being solved by relief. No. Get better. You only get better by screwing up. Mistakes breed improvements the shitty part is that these things are happening during the season. Oh well, better game 5 of the season than in a few months.

Good thing Hudson has a pair, else this would be a 1-6 game. Oh wait, it is a 1-6 game.

Casey Blake. 2 hits all season both homeruns. Is that a good stat or a bad stat? I can't tell. Also, the plays that separate the gold gloves and all stars and champions from average ball players are the plays that Blake totally failed. Sharp hit, quick grab, throw from knees plays are the perfect test for whether a player is average or not. Same with diving catches, 1st base stretches and bunts. Blake, while being impressive twice, needs to produce more or I might have Joe Torre (we are very tight) send Russ to third.

Ok this is bad. Pitchers are getting lit up like a zippo. I can only stand to see the bases loaded a couple times a game. This shit is ridiculous.

Ok, last chance, LA. 9th inning, down by 5. I know it isn't really your thing but let's make a come back, shall we?

Kemp strikes out. Not surprised but he has been hitting the ball pretty well. I think the whole VISION thing helps a little. Blake watches a nasty cutter for strike three. Ouch. Ausmus earning his backup spot. Atta boy. I am just doing play by play until the end of the game, then I will go get in n out so really I am just killing time here. Loretta takes Nomar's number. Did he retire? Does he have a job right now? Hmmm. Yes. Oakland. Oakland ended up with some serious ball players this season. Watch out Anaheim. Loretta grounds out. AZ wins. Farts...

Overall it was a pretty weak performance. All the pitchers got worked, defense was not as sharp as one would hope. I don't really blame the hitters cuz we put up 4 runs. That is enough when you have strong pitching and defense. Just like last season it seems starting pitching is a little bit of an issue for the kids. It's early but issues have to be addressed and corrected right away for the season to be anywhere near successful.

Kuroda off tomorrow. Great. What better way to start the season than with what could easily turn into a long term injury. Remember last season when Furcal first started feeling back pain? At first it was expected he would play the next day, then it was three days, then a week, then two weeks, then the whole damn season. So when they say its no big deal I take it with a grain of salt. That dude will be out for awhile and I am not a huge fan or Stultz but what do I know? I'm just a fan.

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