Thursday, April 9, 2009

Well i'll be honest...

I didn't watch the game today. I have company visiting so I am behaving like a good host who pays attention to his guests and takes them places. Although, so far, all we've done was eat in n out, sleep, eat delicious breakfast and sleep some more. Anyway, missing games is acceptable with this fancy new tv system we got. FIOS, has baseball on demand, so if I miss a game, no biggie.

Currently watching the replay, unimpressed by Clayton's stuff. This kid still can't seem to get consistent control of his curve ball and needs a stronger changeup. You can't survive in the majors these days with two pitches.

I think its good for the relief to get a little lit up in a game. This gives them an opportunity to watch some video on what they did wrong against a crappy team. This way, when they come up against a stronger hitting team they will have had a chance to correct mistakes so they don't get Hiroshima'd by the offense.

New game tomorrow, heading to AZ. I guess they will miss Brandon Webb....well, I can't say they'll miss him....

Til then, cheers, folks.

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