Friday, April 17, 2009

*cough cough* *SNIFFLE*

Still sick so this will be brief.

Just wanted to voice how proud I am of our starters and their ability to pitch gems and not pick up wins. You guys deserve wins, sorry the hitters couldn't get them for you. Yes, I get that we end up winning the game and all but starters need to show something for their 13 strike outs in a game and their stellar stuff. This is the fourth game in a row our pitchers have been sharp and I am proud of them. Let's stay healthy and sharp.

On the other hand, a little upset with Kuo's pitching. The other night he blew the lead for Clayton Kershaw. Luckily, Bellisario kept them at bay and the hitters got them back in the game but this is unacceptable pitching for a set up man. Set up guys should never give up runs yet this dude walks the bases loaded in two games and gives up hits left and right. So, Kuo, get your shit together. We can get a good set up guy for Kuo and a prospect, keep that in mind. Broxton is a beast. Nuff said.

Anyway, off to bed. Game isn't over but I am exhausted so i'm gonna doze off while it finishes up. See y'all tomorrow for another beaufitul day.

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