Monday, April 13, 2009

Orlando Hudson wins the Tour de Chavez Ravine.

Too bad I was working. Still, with radio at my side I was right there with ya. Lovely anthem, cool idea having the team come out of the stands and announcing Manny was just the right thing to do. Vin throwing the first pitch was a nice touch too. 60 years of that dude's badass suits, can you believe it? He must have started broadcasting when he was an infant.

Now we see the Dodgers, performing as they should. Kemp hitting in 8 straight, manny being manny and getting walked left and right, Ethier going deep, what more could you ask for? How about another solid 5 innings from Bills? I think it can be done.

Randy Johnson looked good today.....

I think you know where I am goin with this...

I think today is the perfect day for Manny to hit his first bomb. I mean, when your second baseman is your power hitter, you've got problems. Just look how we did with Kent and without Manny, Kent was our supposed power hitter. So, it would be nice, but it isn't critical when we are hitting the ball like we are today.

Billingsley looks sharp. This kid sure has a future and I hope most of it is with Los Angeles. I mostly jusyt don't want to have to face him in the future. Ex Dodgers are notorious for fucking up the Dodgers. I can't have that with Chad.

I named my dog Dodger. I wonder how many other Dodger fans did the same. Probably a shit load...

This is a blow out and an amazing one. This is the team I want to root for and watch this season. Orlando Hudson came out BIG today for the home crowd. Dodger fans are going to LOVE Orlando Hudson and he really did it the right way today. Show off big. Make a statement. Own the crowd. I love it. Ethier going deep two times is what should happen all the time. This guy has been playing ball for his entire life, there is no way he can't become one of the best baseball players of our generation. Here we go, Dodgers.

Here we go.

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